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The success story of Haldiram is also a success of Hindu United Family business. The history of the brand begins from Bikaner in 1937.From a small corner shop to a brand worth Rs.1500 Crores, Haldiram has hit the right chords with its customers over the past seven decades.To chronicle the tale of this much-loved brand, Haldiram Story began in 1937 when one Gangabhisan Aggarwal started a shop selling ‘Namkeens’ in the town of Bikaner, Rajasthan.It was really this gentleman’s father Tansukhdas who originally started the ‘Bhujiya’ business but a new found popularity was gained by Gangabhisan’s small setup.

The name Haldiram as the hear-say goes was his another name which was taken forward by his youngest son Rameshwar Lal who opened a shop in Calcutta, West Bengal by the name, ‘Haldiram Bhujiawala’.This name was the stepping stone to the later success story of Haldiram.

Rameshwar Lal had also registered the trademark in 1972 which later became a bone of contention in the family as other sons of Gangabhisan, Moolchand and Shivkishen Aggarwal opened units at Delhi and Nagpur respectively.The bitter fallout led to a clear demarcation of territory as Haldiram’s, Haldiram’s Prabhuji and Nagpur’s Haldiram are restricted to Delhi, Kolkata and Nagpur respectively.Also, Bikaji is another popular offshoot of the Haldiram family brand name.None of them has been to able to outweigh the success story and pull of the original- Haldiram which has created a new history for Indian food industry.


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  1. Rakhi says:

    Haldiram are known for their quality foods with a yummy taste they provides the best taste & moreover their staff members are also very coperative


  2. Ameen says:

    I totally agree with rakhi ,haldirams nagpur is the most popular and trustworthy brand .Every Person trust on this brand.


  3. Arohi says:

    Haldirams Nagpur outlet is just amazing. It is surely keeping up the taste, authenticity and reputation of Haldiram’s chain! Just love eating here.


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