Haldiram’s Special Boondi


Haldiram’s Boondi is one of the most popular boondis  in Northern parts of India. Also a very popular dish in the ‘Raita & salad section’ in many wedding feasts.Boondi is popularly used to prepare raita in Pakistan and North India. Boondi raita typically contains curd (plain yoghurt), boondi (which has been soaked in water to make it soft, then sieved) and seasonings of salt, chilli, and other spices. It is eaten as a side dish with pulao or any other meal.
This Raita is very easy to make when you have readymade Khara (salted) Boondi available at hand and it teams up very well with Parathas.
I made this quick Boondi Raita, flavoured with Mint and some other spices, over the weekend when we had some guests for dinner. Best Quality chickpeas flour puffs used to make Boondi Raita is readily avaliable at reasonable price on haldirams online store.An indian meal is not complete without raita,you can make more delicious your raita with the help of haldiram’s boondi . It’s so crispy & crunchy or salted.


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  1. sonam12345 says:

    Haldiram’s Nagpur Boondi raita is the actually crispy Boondi. boondi raita is very easy to make. you can serve it with any north Indian dish. but mostly boondi raita goes very well with rice dishes like biryani or pulao and they actually pep them more.


  2. renu3456 says:

    One of the popular dish of Northern parts of India that is Boondi raita. Just soaked it in water for few while and ready your curd with spices and chaat and put the Boondi in curd..and the raita will be ready then..really what a delicious taste comes out..


  3. ajay0987 says:

    If you are really love the dish Raita and want to make it more chatpatta with full flovored taste so u need to use Haldiram’s Boondis. The best quality of Boondi they serves always.


  4. sunil112233 says:

    Raita usually we take this dish in summer with our delicious food. And Asli taste of Raita is comes from only Haldiram Boondi. Whenever I wish to take this dish I prefer only Haldiram Boondi this consisting healty and tasty ingredients.


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