This Winter Special Haldirams offers a wide range products

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Haldirams  is one of the leading manufacturers of Indian sweets and snacks offering high quality, ready-to-eat snacks, savories and sweets. It offers a wide range of products covering papads, namkeens, sweets, sherbets, minute khana, , pani puri, bhel puri, chips, boletos,taktak, whoopies and royal temptations. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade, a department under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India has recognized Haldirams Food International Limited as a Star Export House. Since its inception in 1937, the company has established quality standards and developed into a brand.

The exclusive winter special products offered by Haldirams Nagpur include Til laddu, Gajak (Jaggey Dry fruit), Gajak with Jaggery Khasta. The Golden Box includes exotic sweets made from dry fruits and milk. It includes Mewa Bite, Chocolate Bite, Orange Bites and Strawberry Bites. The Dry fruit Tokani is offered in festival packs in an attractive & affordable price range. It is available in small & medium sizes and includes almonds, cashew nut, pistachio and kish mish. The Kaju Katli is made from exotic sweets made from assorted cashew nuts and its ingredients include cashew nuts, sugar, silver leaves and preservative (E 202).

The Khajur dryfruit burfi is made from cashew, almond, pistachio, dates, sugar and liquid glucose. It offers various exotic sweets made from dry fruits like kaju anjeer raj and Khajur Dryfruit Laddu. Other winter special sweets & products include gond laddu made from pure ghee. It is made from Almond, Desi Ghee, Sugar, Wheat Flour , Black Pepper, Edible Gum, Dessicated Seeds  and Cardamom Powder. The sweets made from assortde Cashew Nuts include Kaju Mix and Kaju Laddu made from Cashew Nuts, Sugar, Pistachios, Cardamom, Saffron, Sunset Yellow and Potassium Sorbate.




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  1. Akki says:

    Nobody thought if home-made items would be available in market for purchase. I mean, I had no idea if market made anjeer barfi would be as good as my mother’s recipe. I mean…Haldiram is just doing an awesome job. Good going.I just love all the products of haldirams.


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