Haldirams Frozen Foods


Haldirams Earning the title of ‘India’s Most Trusted Brand’ in 2003, Haldirams has been in existence since 1937 when it started out as a small Sweets & Namkeens store in Bikaner,
Rajasthan. Today Haldirams Nagpur is a household brand name, recognized and respected
the world over for its superior products.
The brand has become synonymous with the quality Indian Snacks, Savouries & Sweets
that it produces using state of the art technology. Apart from exclusive recipes and high
quality products variety is the key reason behind the company’s popularity.High quality and safety standards are maintained, right from the sourcing of raw materials
to their conversion into finished products; everything is done as per the international
norms of quality and safety (HACCP). A leading export house of India, Haldirams has
earned recognition as a Star Export House from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade,
Ministry of Commerce, India.

Haldirams Frozen Food

Haldirams introduces an exciting new range of Frozen Food products that capture the
quintessential essence of Indian cuisine and are sure to delight people the world over.
Homely recipes and the choicest ingredients come together in a quality product that will enable you to have an authentic Indian culinary experience in the convenience of your home. Spanning the gamut of an Indian meal, there is a sensational array of Snacks,Curries, Rotis and Desserts at your fingertips, all you have to do is heat and eat.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. shivani420 says:

    I really want to congratulate Haldiram for making their name on a national level and on international level also as I’ve heard that they deliver their frozen products to different countries as well.its really good to know that.


  2. nitin567 says:

    It’s a great news for every person that Haldiram has introduced frozen food items so it will help them who stay alone, far from their families and for them as well who doesn’t want to cook food and its would be a good option for them to choose from variants.


    1. jasmene says:

      This article has really stated the fact that haldiram has become synonymous with the quality Indian Snacks, Savouries & Sweets that it produces using state of the art technology.


  3. neha gupta says:

    Haldiram is really a hallmark in the food industry.The taste,the quality and the quantity of the food that is provided by them has no match.


  4. simran khurana says:

    Haldiram really offers the sensational array of snacks,Curries, Rotis and Desserts at your fingertips and apart from that the forzen items that are been introduced by haldiram are really worth praising.


  5. priya gupta says:

    I have tried the frozen french fries of haldiram and must say that they are really amazing.My children really loved the fries and are very satisfied with the taste of the fries.


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