Haldirams Nagpur Planet Food

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We can say , Haldirams rightly termed as Nagpur’s pride. With its wide spread food products, Haldirams continues to provide relief appeal to tastebuds all over the world. Haldirams usually known for its food Products has a food chain called Planet Food. Located near Sitabuldi on the Abhyankar Road , You need to take up the stairs to get to Planet Food , which I had rarely noticed until my friends showed it to me once .Haldirams Planet Food has a pretty good ambience. A perfect place for friends to meetup and hangout for sure . The Ambiance is pretty good for families too . Usually crowded in the afternoon and at night times, Planet Food has Self Service system.


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  1. Please visit my website for Indian food recipe


    1. Thank you for liking our blog.


  2. ajinkya khurana says:

    Not only in the nagpur, but it was the nation wide quality brand. I recently visit to agra and experience the haldirams stuffs there.


  3. sharukh siddiqui says:

    when it comes to the quality I always prefer to the haldiram products.


  4. ramesh mishra says:

    The haldirams of nagpur is to much famous for its tastre and quality products specially the sweets.


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