Haldirams Nagpur presents, Chai Time

haldirams chai time (2)

Being an Indian is a major problem and the reasons start with temptation for food and ends with a greedy tongue. So committing the sin of gluttony is very common among Indians. We cannot even resist the street food’s temptation on a busy journey, so it is out of context that main course will go unnoticed from our eyes and obviously tongue. And seizing the opportunity to mesmerise our taste buds at small tea-break is something we consider next to committing another sin of hurting the tea snacks’ sentiments.
Haldirams Nagpur not only takes care of its appreciators but all those food items which are specially made for the former one so that the happiness of both can be maintained. The fresh range of chai-snacks that Haldirams introduced to be cherished by the foodylicious people, is already looting hearts.
Tea has different names like chai, chaa, chaya, chaha, theneer, cheya but all serves a single purpose, to kick off your sleepiness and activate your mind so that you can execute your task as soon as possible. Hence, tea time is the favourite part time of Indians and being one, you cannot say no to the snacks, which work like batteries that freshen up your mood and make you forget your whole day tiredness.
Haldirams bet that you cannot resist filling your mouth with tit bits, be it salty or masala or even plain. Masala Suvali and salted Suvali will remind you of your childhood, where methi puri and triangular khasta are present in the picture and offered by Haldirams as well.
So don’t waste your precious tea time by not doing any justification with the above mentioned snacks.


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