Haldirams Nagpur making people summer ready with its beverages assortment

This year, the sun is angry enough to irritate or depress an individual with its full-of-heat afternoons & hot nights and nothing can be worse than a hot wave passing through the body. To maintain the level of hydration in the body during summers, water is not the one and only source which can do that, one need sugar and other certain vitamins to survive the tiring day.
Bearing that beat-the-heat need in mind, Haldirams Nagpur is offering an entire range of readymade beverages, from mom and homemade Aam Panna to childhood memory of kala khatta, Haldirams has everything for everyone.

Haldirams Nagpur

The sweet tanginess of orange squash in the mouth, can remind anyone of those naughty moments, which they spent with their partner in crime. Pineapple squash can easily make a person greedy enough to finish the whole bottle before the summers actually turn in, so beware of that. The sweet and chilled wave of refreshment can bring a smile on a face, the moment someone takes a sip of khus or rose sharbat. Lemon squash will help maintaining the sugar level in human body as the citric fruit pumps 200 times more sugar than strawberries. Kala Khatta and Aam Panna squashes are especially made for those, who want to remain intact with their childhood and its cherishing memories.
Sharing is caring, is a modern day proverb known to all and Haldirams Nagpur reviews this tradition among friends and family. That is why a combo pack of 4 squashes can be gifted to the near-dear ones. To add more varieties with squashes, food lovers can also consider squash + namkeen pack offered by Haldirams Nagpur at its outlets, in which Aam Panna and Orange squashes’ sweet-tangy flavours come along with Bhujia Sev, Badam Halwa and Phalhari Chiwda, weighing 150 grams each.
Now remaining fresh during summers is an easy task because Haldirams Nagpur is here to care for all.


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