Seize the opportunity to bag exclusive gift hampers by Haldirams Nagpur this Navratri



The festival of nine divine nights of fast and prayer. The festival symbolizing victory of positivity over negativity. The festival commemorating the devotion to goddess Durga. Yes! We are talking about the glittering Navratri festival. It is the sacred festival of the Hindus celebrated with great zeal, fervor and enthusiasm in India.
Indian festivals have a peculiarly pleasant taste to themselves and nothing can surpass the spirit of joviality that they bring along. These festivals are looked upon as a break from the dull, humdrum and hysteria of our daily lives. However, there is more to the festivals along with the fun and enjoyment. Navratri reveres Goddess Durga in the form of Shakti (energy) and is followed by Vijaya Dashmi (Dussehra) on the 10th day. The devotees of goddess Durga fast for entire nine days during the festival. Haldirams Nagpur, one of the leading manufacturers of Indian snacks and sweets highlights that these nine days of devotion are a reminder for the people to be a good sadhak (seeker). It is celebrated twice a year- in the beginning of summer and the onset of winter.
During Navaratri, Goddess Durga (the supreme soul, revered in the form of a primordial cosmic energy) is invoked by her devotees. She is believed to be the mother of the universe and the supreme source of all the phenomenons of creation, existence and destruction. According to the hindu mythology, Goddess Durga protects her devotees from the evils of the world and removes the miseries from their lives.
Haldirams Nagpur is looking forward to make that this ebullient occasion of navratri all the more special for the its valuable customers. You can win exclusive gift hampers by sharing your special Navratri fasting recipe using the products of Haldirams Nagpur.
So what are you waiting for? Come and seize this golden opportunity to bag exciting prizes this Navratri season. Shubh Navaratri!


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