Exotic sweets made from dry fruits and milk

haldirams-mawa-biteHaldirams just can’t have enough of sweets…Isn’t it? Mollify your taste buds with an array of exotically prepared and superlative in taste sweets like Mewa Bite made from dry fruits and milk by Haldiram’s Nagpur.

More details; http://www.haldirams.com/sweets/packed-sweet/mewa-bite.html

Happy Friendship Day With Haldirams

This day is celebrating the importance of connection between you and your friends gang.Friendship Day is also an occasion to celebrate extraordinary stories about the power of friendship.


Haldirams make available with all sweets products ,so just grab some sweets or choclates and plan something special for your friend on this friendship day.You can also, make more special your moment with your friend with Haldirams snacks products.

Haldirams Nagpur presents, Chai Time

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Being an Indian is a major problem and the reasons start with temptation for food and ends with a greedy tongue. So committing the sin of gluttony is very common among Indians. We cannot even resist the street food’s temptation on a busy journey, so it is out of context that main course will go unnoticed from our eyes and obviously tongue. And seizing the opportunity to mesmerise our taste buds at small tea-break is something we consider next to committing another sin of hurting the tea snacks’ sentiments.
Haldirams Nagpur not only takes care of its appreciators but all those food items which are specially made for the former one so that the happiness of both can be maintained. The fresh range of chai-snacks that Haldirams introduced to be cherished by the foodylicious people, is already looting hearts.
Tea has different names like chai, chaa, chaya, chaha, theneer, cheya but all serves a single purpose, to kick off your sleepiness and activate your mind so that you can execute your task as soon as possible. Hence, tea time is the favourite part time of Indians and being one, you cannot say no to the snacks, which work like batteries that freshen up your mood and make you forget your whole day tiredness.
Haldirams bet that you cannot resist filling your mouth with tit bits, be it salty or masala or even plain. Masala Suvali and salted Suvali will remind you of your childhood, where methi puri and triangular khasta are present in the picture and offered by Haldirams as well.
So don’t waste your precious tea time by not doing any justification with the above mentioned snacks.

Haldirams Nagpur Planet Food

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We can say , Haldirams rightly termed as Nagpur’s pride. With its wide spread food products, Haldirams continues to provide relief appeal to tastebuds all over the world. Haldirams usually known for its food Products has a food chain called Planet Food. Located near Sitabuldi on the Abhyankar Road , You need to take up the stairs to get to Planet Food , which I had rarely noticed until my friends showed it to me once .Haldirams Planet Food has a pretty good ambience. A perfect place for friends to meetup and hangout for sure . The Ambiance is pretty good for families too . Usually crowded in the afternoon and at night times, Planet Food has Self Service system.

Revisit your childhood with Haldiram’s Besan laddu

Festivals bring lots of benefits with them, including family get together, decorations and lots of sweets, out of which besan laddu is the most demanding and all time favourite of everyone.

You will not be amazed to find some memory of your childhood where besan laddu was present along with mischievousness, if you know what it means. The traditional Indian sweet traces back its origin to the golden days of Chola Empire when it used to be packed for travelers and warriors for good luck.

Today this mouth watering and easily dissolving sweet is offered in various forms but if you want best of the best, hit your nearest Haldiram’s outlet where half kg can be exchanged with just Rs. 170 and 1kg is just  Rs.340 and  a heartwarming smile.

The demand of Haldiram’s besan laddu is never ending and that is the reason behind its 24/7 presence in the store. Locals and visitors of Haldiram’s Nagpur outlet don’t need a reason to spend their money on this gram flour sweet which activates your taste buds with a fusion of clarified butter, roasted almonds, pistachio, edible gum, cucumber seeds and cardamom powder.

Its longevity of 2 months keeps its nutritional value fresh and as it is. Other quality products Haldiram’s has to offer to its client base, i.e. you, include kaju laddu, orange barfi, anjeer and khajur dry fruit barfis separately, kaju bite and mewa bite to name a few. These sweet items are the original ideas of Haldiram’s which you won’t be able to find somewhere else.

And when next time you visit some relative or attend some ceremony, just give a try to Haldiram’s Gourmet Mix Gift Tokni which is customised as per your wish and taste buds. Be it barfi, laddu, bites or anything, you can have everything in one single tokni, where preferences are catered.

Haldiram Nagpur

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Haldiram‘s Food International Limited today, is recognized as a Star Export House, by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, a department working under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.
Haldiram’s has its roots established in 1937 in the form of a small retail Sweet & Namkeen shop in Bikaner, Rajasthan, a small but significant town in the Thar Desert. Shri Shivkisan Agrawal, the founder of Haldiram’s always cherished the dream of building an empire, manufacture traditional sweets/namkeens, leave a mark on every occasion and get close to the heart of the common man.
This dream was realized with shifting of its base to Nagpur in 1970. For the first time people heard of a factory that was operating to manufacture Sweets & Namkeens. A model plant of its times was set up at:- Haldiram’s House; 880, Small Factory Area, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur. In a very shot span ‘Haldiram’ developed into a brand and became an inseparable part of every occasion.
This was followed by a chain of retail outlets & showrooms. The product lines were expanded to match the taste of various segments of the society. Sweets and namkeens were presented in more durable and commercially viable packaging. This fetched a overwhelming response and in 1997, Haldiram’s forayed into milk and milk product industry with products such as Khowa, Ghee & Butter Milk, the manufacture of Extruded foods such as vermicelli and 3-D Snacks.
Employing State-of-the-art technology, Haldiram’s started producing high quality, ready-to-eat snacks, savories & Sweets. From sourcing raw materials to their conversion into finished products, every process confirms to the International norms (HACCP) of Quality & Safety. Human touch is avoided to ensure superior hygiene. Every care is taken to ensure that our products retain Freshness and Flavour.
Apart from exclusive and innovative recipes, exotic presentation and high quality products ‘Variety’ is the key reason behind Haldiram’s popularity. Be it Sweets or Namkeens, the Haldiram’s touch makes it more tastier while the hi-tech machinery ensures that the packaging is done in a attractive way maintaining international standards of hygiene.
Today, Haldiram’s with its Branch Offices in commercial capitals like Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai, owes its success to the relentless efforts of our founder Chairman Mr. Shivkisan Agrawal, a visionary, dynamic leader and a successful entrepreneur. No wonder, today, Haldiram’s Nagpur is one of the leading players in the snack food industry and a proud recipient of the ‘International Food Award’. Haldiram‘s has carved its way to the top despite stiff competition from the global food giants and is earning valuable foreign Exchange for our country.

Haldiram Nagpur News


The success story of Haldiram is also a success of Hindu United Family business. The history of the brand begins from Bikaner in 1937.From a small corner shop to a brand worth Rs.1500 Crores, Haldiram has hit the right chords with its customers over the past seven decades.To chronicle the tale of this much-loved brand, Haldiram Story began in 1937 when one Gangabhisan Aggarwal started a shop selling ‘Namkeens’ in the town of Bikaner, Rajasthan.It was really this gentleman’s father Tansukhdas who originally started the ‘Bhujiya’ business but a new found popularity was gained by Gangabhisan’s small setup.

The name Haldiram as the hear-say goes was his another name which was taken forward by his youngest son Rameshwar Lal who opened a shop in Calcutta, West Bengal by the name, ‘Haldiram Bhujiawala’.This name was the stepping stone to the later success story of Haldiram.

Rameshwar Lal had also registered the trademark in 1972 which later became a bone of contention in the family as other sons of Gangabhisan, Moolchand and Shivkishen Aggarwal opened units at Delhi and Nagpur respectively.The bitter fallout led to a clear demarcation of territory as Haldiram’s, Haldiram’s Prabhuji and Nagpur’s Haldiram are restricted to Delhi, Kolkata and Nagpur respectively.Also, Bikaji is another popular offshoot of the Haldiram family brand name.None of them has been to able to outweigh the success story and pull of the original- Haldiram which has created a new history for Indian food industry.