Exotic sweets made from dry fruits and milk

haldirams-mawa-biteHaldirams just can’t have enough of sweets…Isn’t it? Mollify your taste buds with an array of exotically prepared and superlative in taste sweets like Mewa Bite made from dry fruits and milk by Haldiram’s Nagpur.

More details; http://www.haldirams.com/sweets/packed-sweet/mewa-bite.html

Haldirams Special Pasta


Product Description:

Nutritional Values Per 100G :

1. Calories : 367.5 Kcal
2. Carbohydrate : 81.55 G
3. Sugar : 0 G
4. Total Fat : 1.1 G
5. Protein : 10.6 G
6. Fiber : 0.18 G
7. Cholesterol : Nil

Pasta is surely the ultimate comfort food. In Italy, it’s perhaps eaten at least once a day, and for many people a meal without pasta would look incomplete.
Nutritionally, Haldirams Pasta is excellent – perfect the family and especially for growing kids. Pasta is an ideal source of carbohydrate as it releases energy slowly. The lack of fats in Haldirams Pasta makes it perfect for low-calorie diets and it is digested easily. Contrary to general belief that pasta is starchy, it can be as fresh, light and summery as you may like. Mix some pasta with homemade pesto or basic tomato sauce for a nourishing and quick fix.
Haldirams Pasta can be prepared in advance and served on picnics or for parties. You can make pasta salads for a large crowd – pasta salad with grilled peppers and olives tastes amazing. Add whatever you like – mozzarella, tomatoes, red onion, basil, tuna, olives, pickles, prawns, sliced sausages or beans – the list is pretty much endless.


For More Details: http://www.haldirams.com/namkeen/papads/pasta.html

Haldirams Nagpur Recipe Contest Begin

haldirams Contest info

Yes Haldirams recipe contest begin from 29th June to 30th June,So you don’t have enough time to thinking .Just grab up some products from the list of Haldirams Nagpur products and create a new type recipe and post on Haldirams Nagpur Facebook page along with your picture.