Relish a scrumptious range of Navratri special food products by Haldiram’s Nagpur

Finally, the multi-day Hindu festival; Navratri, celebrated twice a year over a period of nine nights and 10 days is here. It is celebrated twice a year- in the beginning of summer and the onset of winter. The festival reveres the Devi Sakthi in three different forms, Saraswathi Devi (the Goddess of Knowledge), Lakshmi Devi (the Goddess of Wealth) and Durga Devi (the Hindu Goddess of Power known as divine shakti). Haldiram’s Nagpur, one of the leading manufacturers of Indian snacks and sweets highlights that the first three days of the festival are dedicated to Durga, the next three to Lakshmi and the last three to Saraswati.

haldirams_navratraThe devotees of these goddesses fast for entire nine days during the festival. These nine days of devotion are a reminder for the people to be a good sadhak (seeker). Nothing can surpass the spirit of revelry and joviality that Navratri brings along. Haldirams Nagpur believes that such auspicious days need to be marked with a special treat for the customers. The company is all set to make these days all the more special for its valuable customers.
Haldiram’s Nagpur has introduced a special range of food items for Navratri which includes poories/ parathas, appetizing sabzis, banana kofta curry, sabudana wadas, sabudana khichdi, chutneys, sweet dahi and Bengali sweets. The green chutneys are made of banana, green chillies and coconut; the kofta is made of boiled bananas, in a gravy of cashew nuts. The poories are made of Rajgira/ Singhada atta and the aloo paratha of boiled and mashed potatoes, Rajgira atta, Kuttu, green chillies and pudina.
With an array of scrumptious food products, Haldirams Nagpur has made this Navratri season not less than a feast for all its valuable customers.


The Indian festival of Ganesh Chaturthi which celebrates the birth of one of our beloved gods, Ganesha is around the corner. Ganesha is honoured at the starting of all rituals and ceremonies as he is considered the symbol of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. The festival is all about the sweetness which Ganesha’s teachings bring to our lives. To make the holy festival an extravagant affair, Haldirams Nagpur has come up with a riveting shopping offer for all its valuable customers.

Haldiram’s is starting a campaign of “shop for Rs 1000 and get a Ganesh Merchandise FREE” across all platforms from 26th August to 10th September 2016. Yes! This is your exclusive opportunity to bag endearing merchandise by Haldiram’s. So what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest Haldiram’s store to seize this golden opportunity and double your happiness this festive season.


Talking about the offer, the official spokesperson of Haldirams Nagpur stated that, keeping up with the history of organizing various exciting contests and exclusive offers, Haldirams has come up with yet another exciting shopping offer for its customers. All you got to do is shop for Rs 1000 at Haldirams and get a Ganesh Merchandise FREE. He further added that, such offers add to the festivity of such ebullient occasions. As people often go out at such festivals, such added bonus offers double their happiness and give them another reason to celebrate. They also motivate the team of Haldirams to perform better and better. The spirit of happiness associated with these offers makes the company resolute about offering them to their customers on every special occasion.